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Breakfast & Brunch

These dishes are great for sharing

Large brunch gathering tray

Large tray filled with brunch deliciousness such as scones, mini biscuits, hard boiled eggs, ham & cheese roses, whipped garlic feta & BACON STRAWS! Also, fresh seasonal fruit, whipped CHEESECAKE DIP & waffle crackers. Way better than donuts for the office!



Breakfast XL gathering tray

Blueberry scones. Cheesecake dip, waffle crackers, mixed berries, mini Naan bread, feta garlic dip spread, ham & cheese roses, assorted jellies, chocolate cheesecake dip, dark chocolate truffles, fruits, berries, nuts & raspberry white chocolate scones. Feeds 12



Premium Gathering tray (featuring keepsake wine barrel tray with handles)
This beautiful keepsake wine barrel tray is filled with 4 meats, 4-5 cheeses, 3-4 dips/spreads and a variety of breads, crackers fruits & nuts. Feeds 14-20. (*White ceramic dishes not included. Clear disposable dishes are substituted).

Also available as a smores tray! See pic available. (Portable fire 🔥 available to rent or buy).

Once purchased, you can "refill" this tray for $139.

XLarge Gathering Tray

This large tray is filled with 3 meats, 4 cheeses, 2 spreads, and 2 sides. This tray is made on a 12x22" palm leaf tray.

This tray can be personalized for any event!


Large Gathering Tray

The bamboo tray is 14x10 and includes at least 2-3 meats, 3 cheeses, 2-3 spreads/dips, seasonal fruits, nuts, & artisan breads & crackers. No tray is exactly alike. Seasonal creativity added for extra wow! Feeds 8-10 as an appetizer.



Birthday or Anniversary Numbers

Charcuterie Individual 16" letters or numbers (2 shown)
16" filled letters or numbers personalized to make any occasion special. They will be filled with delicious meats, cheeses, crackers/breads and other tasty treats. 48-72 hrs notice required to secure the letters/numbers.


Baby Shower


New Baby


New Job








Super Bowl Party



New Years


Valentine's Day




Mother's Day


Father's Day


4th of July








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